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Scott Gimple, probably:


You inspired me to create my own Bethyl fan blog! :)

That’s awesome :)


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this is gold


The archer and the songbird


The archer and the songbird

There are still good people, Daryl.

                         I don’t think the good ones survive.

her recent interview (i forget with who but the link is in the tag) where she says that she's upset that she hasn't gotten to film with her co-stars as much as usual and then she tries to reassure the interviewer that she's still having fun (but i would think it'd get really lonely not acting with your usual cast-mates)

I couldn’t find this interview in the tag, If anyone knows of the interview in question please let me know!

Going from what you’ve said though I guess she’s been missing them while filming her parts of Beth being stuck in this facility. It’s possible that while the original cast have been filming their parts,  emily was off filming elsewhere at a different hidden location. That would mean she wouldn’t get to spend as much time with the cast as she usually would. And I can see how that might be a downer not being with her TWD family. She’ll get to film with them all soon when she’s reunited with the group ^___^ (if it hasn’t already been filmed!)

LINK thanks to msvsquared  :)

feeling really sorry for Emily after reading that interview :\

Eh? What interview? Have I missed something?